Our quality

granella350 Daila operates through a strict quality standards control system according to HCCP rules as set by the European Law EC 852/2004.

Our entire production respects European and Italian regulations, especially with regard to our products, their composition and chemical and microbiological characteristics. All of our products are NON perishable.

Our production process presents a detailed analysis and control of all the possible production anomalies that may occur throughout all the production phases.

A special attention is dedicated to the rigorous production control, aiming to avoid any contamination by external foreign bodies, both metal and non-metal, conducted by CCP systems.

All our packaging materials are tested for foods and certificated by our suppliers as required by European Law EC 1935/2004.

Autosilo Additivi Confezionamento Macinazione Macinazione Miscelatore Stoccaggio Zucchero semolato

A highly rigorous traceability procedure allows us to identify, at any point in time, eventual and rare product problems, their causes, suppliers of raw materials, and batch production, in order to remove the problems and assess any responsibility. Such a procedure enables us to trace the history of each product, back to raw materials and packaging.

All raw materials we use, and consequently our finished products, are GMO free, according to D.M. D.M. 21/03/1973.

Daila Srl has obtained the  ISO  certificate:

icon IQ Net ISO 9001 sistema gestione qualità

icon CSQA Daila ISO_22000 sistema di gestione sicurezza alimentare